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Way keeping good Relationship

First is Respect.

This holds true and important among all other features of relationships because respect plays the common ground to all people’s socialization in order to attain mutual recognition and treatment. Without respect, I doubt it if relationship can stand still against the test of time. So it’s better to remain respectful to others so that we could be treated by others in the same way and which it can make our life more meaningful.

Second is Commitment.

Commitment should be in everyone’s mind whatever happens because when we are committed to someone, even though if things would go in a sense of bewilderment, we cannot be easily shaken because we have the power to remain from what we have been committed to. Commitment is the result of constant nurture and love towards anybody else. It is the strong factor that keeps the relationship going. So we must be committed to someone or to something if we want to experience a deeper meaning with someone special or to something significant.

Third is Freedom.

Let must give our special someone freedom in spite of everything else happens. Letting the other person to have freedom to be themselves is a way of letting him grow inside and out. For freedom enables us to be of what we want us to be and what we want to happen in our lives.

Fourth is Trust.

This is one of the important components in having a relationship. Trust is an essential aspect for a person to be strong and it is the foundation of a healthy and a happy relationship. It creates the sure thing that you are secured from someone’s care and love because once trust is betrayed; things would never be the same again. It is very hard to build or to have a trust on someone but once it is being there, the ultimate feeling of security and affection are there. It keeps you sheltered and protected when times get rough.

Fifth is Being Fair.

To be equal with someone is the result of a balanced relationship. There must be no dominant because it could just create misunderstanding and emotional conflict in everyone’s life. Balance is considered as the fundamental aspect in almost all angles and feature in a circle of life.