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Relationship Troubles

Usually relationships start out in the most romantic way and it can be very romantic. You feel as if your partner has been a part of your life forever and life without that partner seems unthinkable. And then things start to change. No longer are you looking forward to the end of the day, stressed out at the thought of having to ‘deal’ with the relationship. No longer does the laughter pull strings; no longer does the conversation seem stimulating. In short, something has fizzled out and you don’t understand what is going on. It is time to assess the relationship if it should continue to go on or not. Here are some things to look out for that may mean the end of a relationship.

A controlling partner is different from a dominant one. Dominant partners may come out strong because they feel that they can protect you best, but they would also be considerate of the feelings of their partners. A controlling partner is not a dominant; it is a bullish behaviour that kills the spark off a relationship.

Partners who are drama kings and queens. Nothing seems to happen without a bout of drama involved and it can be funny at first and then turn out to be frustrating and irritating in the end. An overly emotional partner can be a heavy burden especially if the emotions are used to control the other.

Selfishness in a person can cast an ugly spell on everything it touches. A selfish partner can control and use the emotions of the other to the point where their whole personality gets lost in the translation of the relationship. Selfish people do not love others, only themselves, so what makes you think that they love you ?

Selfish people can also prevent your relationship with others. These types of partners wish to control who your friends are and who you should talk to. If this is allowed to continue, not only will you lose your identity but it can lead to a loss of relationships with friends who had been there longer than that partner.

Because they are selfish and controlling, they are never wrong, that means if something does go wrong, guess who is at fault – you.

Being able to communicate with one another is an essential part in a relationship. Controlling partners will not allow for your opinions to be voices, neither will they allow for conversations to be between two people, it would be a one conversation with you listening and accepting and they informing you of what and how to think.

The worst possible thing is if that selfish and controlling partner is an addict. If this is the case, it is definitely time to take stock of your safety and get out of the relationship fast. That would not be considered running away; it would mean that you are an intelligent person who will want to save yourself.

There are usually signs that are blatant for everyone to see that a relationship is not working out. Check out the signs and see if you really love that person, or if that person is just a hard habit to break.e.