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Category Archives: Relationship

Warning of a Dangerous Relationship

Warning #1: He claims you as his own and tells his friends to stay away from you before you have even said two words to him. He isn’t even giving you a chance to get to know him or say you want to be with him before he starts telling everyone that you’re his. What happened to me personally is that I was spending a lot of time with his best friend and I had a crush on his best friend (the feeling was mutual.) But then he told his friend that he liked me, claimed me, and his best friend backed off, leaving me stuck with this guy I didn’t even know. Granted his friend wasn’t much better for not standing up for me but that’s not the point. If some guy starts claiming you as his and alienating other people from you because of it than you immediately need to take action.

Warning #2: He does nothing but lie to you. If he is constantly lying to get his way with you, if he is making up stories to get you to like him or to drive you away from the people you care than put a stop to it. Call him on those lies and make it very clear you want nothing to do with him ever again.

Warning #3: He is clingy. It might sound harmless or like he is just insecure but watch out it leads to trouble. Him being clingy, for whatever the reason, can lead to danger. It can lead to him calling you every hour, every half hour even, it can lead to him following you around becoming like a stalker. If you can’t spend time with on a certain night it can lead to him being very angry and yelling at you for it. I remember with mine he called me and texted me constantly, if I didn’t respond back to a text in ten minutes or less he would send another one saying that I hated him or I was with some other guy. Considering the fact that I wasn’t even dating this guy, it was scary for him to be that possessive which leans to the next warning…

Warning #4: It’s wonderful to have a man who cares about you, wants to protect you and wants you with him. But once he crosses the line from being a sweet boyfriend into being scary possessive it’s time to take a big step back. If he starts insisting you only spend time with him, that you stop seeing your girlfriends, that you have no male friends in your life than it’s time to kick him to the curb.

Warning #5: He has anger serious anger issues. I’m the first to say that if a man fought for me that I would love him even more. But if he gets angry at you, threatens to hit you, takes his anger towards someone else out on you than you know you are in serious danger. In fact if you even think he is going to start taking his anger physically out on you than its time to go to the authorities. Even though I am telling you to go to the authorities I have to be honest and say that I can’t guarantee they will help you. In my personal experience they didn’t offer much help. This is what happened; after another fight about how I didn’t want him in my life at all he decided to take his anger out on his ex girlfriends car, by taking a crowbar to it and totaling it. The police got involved, put him in jail and he was taken out of school. But after he said he would go to anger management he was back in school and plaguing my life. So while the authorities helped for awhile in the end it was ultimately up to me. Remember I knew what I was doing, I could handle myself against him but if you have any doubt of being able to handle yourself against a abusive person in your life then don’t attempt it. Get someone you trust to help you, whether it’s a parent, a older brother, a uncle but don’t risk yourself if you can’t handle it.

Steps of Getting Over a Breakup

Many people go through break-ups, which makes it necessary to struggle with getting over one’s ex. When you want to overcome your ex, you should understand that it is not going to happen in an instant. Getting over a breakup is a process. In this process, you will go through a number of emotional states. For instance, you may experience shock, denial, grief, and anger. You may also get into a rebound relationship. These are not things you are likely to pass through willingly, and you may wish there were a way in which you could avoid them. However, the entire process will leave you with quite a rich experience. Here are some helpful pieces of advice.


One of the most challenging emotions you will experience right at the beginning of your break up is grief. Many people tend to be overwhelmed with their grief, making it difficult to move on. The duration of your relationship has a significant part to play in the level of grief you will experience. The intensity of your relationship will also matter.

It is important to know how to get over a breakup so that you do not find yourself in some kind of quicksand. You should be prepared for pain in the process of getting over your grief.


Once you have gotten over your grief, you will just enter into another stage of getting over your ex, which may as well be damaging if you get stuck in it. This is the denial stage, whereby your brain tries to avoid the reality of your breakup. You may try to believe that your relationship is still intact after all. Luckily, the denial stage is often short-lived.


After you have gone past the denial stage, you will be prepared to accept the fact that you have indeed broken up. It is only after you have accepted the situation that you will be ready to move on. However, this does not mean that your problems will be coming to an end. There are still other challenges in the process of getting over your ex, which takes us to the next possible stage.

Rebound relationship

Many people find themselves in rebound relationships simply because they believed that it could not happen to them. When you come to terms with the fact that no one is really beyond getting into a rebound relationship, you will be well prepared to tackle it.

Getting engaged changes Relationship

It may be one of the most exciting points during the lifetime to dream and plan your future lives together. It is now time when you are purchasing a house or apartment and decide if you need to fill that extra bedroom having a bassinet or if you want to reserve it for the mother-in-law’s visits.

In all seriousness, it’s a time when you need to find out that you both agree to numerous issues. You are not planning to determine if he squeezes the toothpaste tube in the centre or from your end until after the “I dos,” but this time is also a time to look at where he/she stands on religion, children, finances, politics, in addition to a host of other items.

You should find out fundamentals prior to the marriage and learning these products in the loving and sharing way brings your relationship to some whole new level and provides new depth to your love. Utilize this time to become closer and more in tune with one another.

Determine if you’re afraid to question or if you feel the liberty with this particular person to start your lifetime completely with them. All things considered, it’s your entire life you happen to be pledging to the person.

When you invest in engagement, you must do the things yourself you have always wanted to do. As soon as you say those vows, things change for even more. Your live is going to be so included in learning about one another, you won’t have the time to do those things and so they can be lost dreams. When that takes place they tend to become regrets which you hold against your spouse as the years pass. Not a good approach to begin a life together.
So, take a deep breath, take a look at the brilliant future, and ride the euphoric wave of love. This is just the start of a very important thing you will do in your life. Whenever you find love, everything falls into place, there’s nothing better on the planet. True love built on growing together day after day, experience after experience; nothing is more precious in your everyday living. Appreciate it together!

Way to keep Boyfriend

1 – Learn How to Talk To Him

A lot of times what we say is not as important as how we say it. Learn what communication style your man responds to. If your man shuts down when you start speaking to him, pay attention to your tone and what you are saying; it’s obvious that he is.

2 – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

You may be criticizing him for spending too much time under the hood of his car. If he loves to work on his car, why is it that you have a problem with him doing what makes him happy? If your problem is you wanting him to spend that time with you, maybe you have too much time on your hands. If your boyfriend is a dirty grease monkey when he’s done, consider drawing him a bath and join him in it. Don’t make him choose between you and the things that make him happy; you may not like the choice.

3 – Constant Learn About Yourself and Your Man

Learn how your man thinks without thinking for him. Learn how to talk to him, how to comfort him and how to encourage him. By doing these things, you’ll find that what he wants is to be closer to you. Why? He will feel like you understand him, no matter what he does.

Older Dating Singles

Dating isn’t only for the young single people. It is also for those who are young at heart, which makes many of the older dating singles highly attractive targets. Not all single individuals are under 30 years old and have just come out of college. There are many older single men and women who have either never had a good relationship, never had time for a dating relationship while they built their careers, or have just come out of a relationship and are looking for a new one.

The best thing about older dating singles is that they have this renewed energy and new lease on life after all of the many challenges that they have experienced living their own lives. Life is a journey full of obstacles, and the older you are, the more you are faced with difficulties to overcome those obstacles and deal with the consequences. This makes older singles far wiser and patient about how they view life and its many situations.

Older dating singles are also much more stable and secure when it comes to career and finances. This is why it is a perfect time for them to be looking for a mate, because with all their finances in order, they know that they can now enjoy the harvest of their efforts and be able to share it with someone special. To older singles, they want a mate who is there more for companionship than anything else. Someone to talk to, to share meaningful conversations with, and to just have a good laugh with, are major characteristics that singles of the older generations look for. It is more about enjoying the zest that life brings and appreciating what has come to pass and what the future may still bring. It is no longer about fear and apprehension about how their careers will turn out or whom they may end up with.

Being an older single has the tone of being more easy-going and patient. With all the knowledge and lessons that they have accumulated in their life-journey, there is much to learn from them, as you spend every day being with them and sharing a relationship. Dating older singles can be far more rewarding than people think.

Way to Avoid Unhealthy Relationship

An Unhealthy Relationship is as a person gives everything into the relationship as another simply wants the part he wants. In other words to understand it better, Unhealthy Relationships usually are not in balance of 2 parties to achieve for the same outcome.

A healthy relationship is in balance and 2 parties are longing for get a life jointly, as lovers, as being a team and being family. Both are giving all of it into this relationship and they also defend it as they protect their family.

Today the truth and so the trend may be the Unhealthy Relationship, that brings into envy, fights, annoyance, depressed, divorces, children are raised from only one mom and dad, poverty as well as offences. An increasing number of kids don’t know very well what a family with both dad and mom is like, and the overwhelming majority of them are ending also in an unhealthy relationships.

They observe that an Unhealthy Relationship as the actual fact and the actual family is old manner or just fantasy images from a number of movies. The one that continues to be in a position to observe what a healthy relationship is concerning continues to be linked with nature and can bring others back.

What I really mean is that inside a healthy relationship both becoming so influential, filled with energy and be capable of create a beautiful, powerful family and preferred life-style. Whilst the unhealthy relationship is deadly, it draws all energy out, it destroys families, create health problems and easy leads into financial ruin with drug abuse

However deep inside everyone here on earth really wants to be respected, been with their soul mate, be alive an abundance, an excellent relationship standard of living, been fit, rejoice and enjoyment. Now why are people not transforming what they actually need? Why are they deciding on a miserable life over a blessed life?

The answer for an unhealthy relationships is deep within yourself and compares your wants along with your feeling. Are they matching? Are you feeling the high power for what you would like, do you see the pictures and take the action to achieve for it? Or are you simply using another person or your spouse as being a punching bag and blaming them for your hate you’re feeling about yourself, you punish she or he since you feel the necessity to be punished, your self-esteem is so low that you need to rule another person, since you never was been loved and accept as true that your partner has no right to like you. It really is likely you’ll say that is not real, just listen to the harmful chatter at heart and it’s not much the words you say, however the words you’re thinking that and feel are creating your tomorrow.

You most likely can easy change from an unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship when you really need it and be keen to finish the inside work. You’ll want to master all the inside work first and than you’ll the result on the outside.

I just believe that when I’ve done it in a foreign country without family, money, and any support so can you. Is not easy, but once you create the transformation you are happy you completed it. You are an incredible person and you deserve the very best, never let another person talk you out, because they simply will hold you back or they’re afraid what they will do when you’re happy along with a healthy relationship.

Build Trust to Save Relationship

First, as I referred to in the opening paragraph, you need to be predictable. This goes against the typical belief that you need to “stir things up” to keep the romance going Sure, going to a new restaurant going on a trip on impulse can be nice, but most of all, we need things to be constant and stable in order to make our relationships work. Consider that trust in a relationship is built on being reliable day in and day out.

Next, you need to make sure that your words always match the message. This means that your partner needs to hear the words which match your body language. If you say you are happy but you are actually depressed, your partner doesn’t hear your words, he or she sees your face and the tone in your voice. Your partner needs to be able to believe what you say. When the words match the message, you build trust and are able to save the relationship.

Third, you need to have a basic belief in your partner’s competence. If you don’t you won’t have the trust in a relationship that you need. When lovingly made known, the truth is never harmful. When you do not trust that your partner is adept at some things (or indeed, anything), you disregard the trust in a relationship.

Don’t keep secrets. Secrets quash trust a relationship. Be on the level and open. Believe everything you know will in the end come out. Secrets require tremendous energy on your part. That is energy that could be directed to save the relationship.

Fifth, don’t be afraid to let your partner know what your needs are. Don’t make him or her speculate what you need. Let them understand. It is okay to be self-centered as long as you are not greedy. Indeed, if you are disinclined to declare your needs, you may go overboard in the opposite direction and stifle your partner.

Sixth, learn to say no. When your partner lets you know his or her needs, that is a good thing. But you don’t need to agree to everything. A partner cannot respect you if you never say no. Refusing to be subjugated to the other person’s will actually build trust and in the process save the relationship.

Finally, always pursue growth. When you plant a flower, you begin by digging in the dirt. Digging in the dirt of our relationships can sometimes cause heartache. But, through that pain, we prepare the soil for future growth. Don’t be afraid of turmoil, dilemma, or questions. These become the fertilizer for growth and change. Accept what is difficult.

When you choose to work on trust in a relationship, you are bound to encounter a little pain. But, as you work through this pain, you will not only become stronger as an individual, you will also take you first step to save the relationship.

Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship

First of all, you have to learn your reason for getting jealous from the get go. Are you feeling unconfident regarding yourself or the relationship itself? Think you are trying to compete with a “threat”? Could you dread that your companion might leave you? Finding out just what triggers your jealousy can certainly enable you to prevent it.

As soon as you understand the reason why you get jealous or what precisely gets you to start off being jealous, it is possible to improve these things and attempt to uncover a way that you can flip things around to make sure they won’t trigger you to become jealous.

Another thing which can help you beat jealousy is to develop more confidence within the relationship and yourself. Very often, jealousy is caused because you aren’t confident in the relationship or with your own self. You may not happen to be confident with your looks, just how your lover feels regarding you, or several other similar things.

No matter what, simply being more confident with yourself along with realizing that your companion truly love and cares about you will encourage you to put a stop to being so jealous due to the fact you have nothing to be concerned about because your partner loves you and will accept just you.

When you take steps to overcome your jealousy, you’re helping the relationship to grow stronger and more healthy. Additionally you help to prevent or avoid other issues that could come about because of jealousy.

Ways to Attract Girls

It really take on a big deal to be a pick up artist. To attract girls can be quite simple and it can also go beyond general complexities. Attracting girls is a game of just few words- if you think like that then you might not be completely wrong. Your words can be the magic creators and when you are to get into some girl, your words can really make the things happen. To be the pick up artist, it is very necessary to excel with the verbal communication but it is equally important to be the master of non verbal communication as well.

As far as verbal communication is concerned the question arise what make the girls really go crazy about a man’s voice. The voice of the pick up artist should be manly not picthy, and being a successful pick up artists demands you to be soft spoken and should have confidence in his interaction. He needs to be bit naughty but should be respectful towards the girls. this is what the girls love to as with the verbal communication.

But as per the non verbal communication the situation can be some what tricky. But you need to stick to the basic- “just touch the girl where she is sensitive.” Some girls may love to be touched but this may not be the case with all of them. So you are to understand the actual character of the girl. Just begin with the signaling. Signals can really work in this context. Try to establish the eye contact. Just keep looking at her. This would certainly grab her attention. Grabbing attention should be the first target and if you achieve that then you can certainly jump up to the next step.

Again you are to be mature and have the command over the language. If you are just doing the same one day she would definitely come to you to ask if you were continuously looking at her from some days. Just follow the question with the simplicity. Just say “You are so beautiful that you just can’t take your eyes of her.” Or “you have just been robbed off your heart and has been looking if that there with her.” These little pick up lines can just create wonders in seconds.

Apart from that you need to look over yourself as well. Start taking exercise daily. Dress up well and have a nice haircut. These are the things that girls often find attractive, and if you are doing that you can certainly get closer to girls. You can even move on with some one over the social networking. There your non verbal communication may not be of use but still you can work over with you verbal skills. Following little tricks to meet women over facebook you can spread the magic over there as well.

So if you are just bring little changes in yourself and learn some little but basic tricks to attract girls, you can successfully become a PUA. Here is the online community sharing their views reviews in the subject issues of similar context and you can be the part of that as well.

Dysfunctional Relationship

Dysfunctional relationships are relationships that create more emotional turmoil than satisfaction. Relationships are part of the human experience. But what happens if one or both partners have never been involved in a happy relationship, or had one modeled for them as a child? Chances are they will participate in a dysfunctional relationship.

Has your relationship stopped moving forward, always seems to be plagued by arguments, and you just can’t connect anymore? Many couples go through rough patches, so before you go labeling yourself as a dysfunctional couple, make sure you are aware of all the recognized symptoms that make up a dysfunctional relationship.

Some individuals believe that the only way to be truly happy is to find Mr or Ms Right. These folks believe that if they are alone, they will undoubtedly be lonely. It should be understood that many people who have others around all the time, are still lonely. This is especially so of the individual that remains in a problematic relationship. Being in a relationship does not ensure that a person will be happy.

Problems arise when people in dysfunctional relationships do not understand the differences between the sexual system and the in-love system. The in-love system is what causes your heart to skip a beat when you see your partner. It also causes you to think about and pursue one particular person at a time. This is what establishes monogamous relationships. Sexual arousal, on the other hand, is not partner specific. It is about getting sexually excited in response to physical, mental, or emotional stimulation.

People who get into parent-child relationships have an intense need to recreate or compensate for the relationship they had with their own parent. Regardless of the psychological reasons behind this kind of relationship, in most cases this substantial “re-parenting arrangement” tends to reinforce the dysfunctional behavior — enabling, fantasy, ambivalence, confusion, guilt projection, double-bind messages, hostility and chronic negativity.

Indeed, despite the fact that Wuthering Heights was offered up to the public as a novel written by a man, critics met it with stern objection. Reviewers decried Wuthering Heights as unnatural. One reviewer could not imagine how anyone could have contemplated such a take without eventually committing suicide. Imagine what they would have thought if they had known that Ellis Bell was really a young woman.

A family session with the four children revealed their hurt. The son asked his Dad to play sports with him. The daughters wanted him to spend time with them too. They believed that they were not important to him. When Stan said they were, I reminded him that action speaks louder than words. The expression on his face showed me that he knew I was speaking the truth.