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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Ways to Attract Girls

It really take on a big deal to be a pick up artist. To attract girls can be quite simple and it can also go beyond general complexities. Attracting girls is a game of just few words- if you think like that then you might not be completely wrong. Your words can be the magic creators and when you are to get into some girl, your words can really make the things happen. To be the pick up artist, it is very necessary to excel with the verbal communication but it is equally important to be the master of non verbal communication as well.

As far as verbal communication is concerned the question arise what make the girls really go crazy about a man’s voice. The voice of the pick up artist should be manly not picthy, and being a successful pick up artists demands you to be soft spoken and should have confidence in his interaction. He needs to be bit naughty but should be respectful towards the girls. this is what the girls love to as with the verbal communication.

But as per the non verbal communication the situation can be some what tricky. But you need to stick to the basic- “just touch the girl where she is sensitive.” Some girls may love to be touched but this may not be the case with all of them. So you are to understand the actual character of the girl. Just begin with the signaling. Signals can really work in this context. Try to establish the eye contact. Just keep looking at her. This would certainly grab her attention. Grabbing attention should be the first target and if you achieve that then you can certainly jump up to the next step.

Again you are to be mature and have the command over the language. If you are just doing the same one day she would definitely come to you to ask if you were continuously looking at her from some days. Just follow the question with the simplicity. Just say “You are so beautiful that you just can’t take your eyes of her.” Or “you have just been robbed off your heart and has been looking if that there with her.” These little pick up lines can just create wonders in seconds.

Apart from that you need to look over yourself as well. Start taking exercise daily. Dress up well and have a nice haircut. These are the things that girls often find attractive, and if you are doing that you can certainly get closer to girls. You can even move on with some one over the social networking. There your non verbal communication may not be of use but still you can work over with you verbal skills. Following little tricks to meet women over facebook you can spread the magic over there as well.

So if you are just bring little changes in yourself and learn some little but basic tricks to attract girls, you can successfully become a PUA. Here is the online community sharing their views reviews in the subject issues of similar context and you can be the part of that as well.

Dysfunctional Relationship

Dysfunctional relationships are relationships that create more emotional turmoil than satisfaction. Relationships are part of the human experience. But what happens if one or both partners have never been involved in a happy relationship, or had one modeled for them as a child? Chances are they will participate in a dysfunctional relationship.

Has your relationship stopped moving forward, always seems to be plagued by arguments, and you just can’t connect anymore? Many couples go through rough patches, so before you go labeling yourself as a dysfunctional couple, make sure you are aware of all the recognized symptoms that make up a dysfunctional relationship.

Some individuals believe that the only way to be truly happy is to find Mr or Ms Right. These folks believe that if they are alone, they will undoubtedly be lonely. It should be understood that many people who have others around all the time, are still lonely. This is especially so of the individual that remains in a problematic relationship. Being in a relationship does not ensure that a person will be happy.

Problems arise when people in dysfunctional relationships do not understand the differences between the sexual system and the in-love system. The in-love system is what causes your heart to skip a beat when you see your partner. It also causes you to think about and pursue one particular person at a time. This is what establishes monogamous relationships. Sexual arousal, on the other hand, is not partner specific. It is about getting sexually excited in response to physical, mental, or emotional stimulation.

People who get into parent-child relationships have an intense need to recreate or compensate for the relationship they had with their own parent. Regardless of the psychological reasons behind this kind of relationship, in most cases this substantial “re-parenting arrangement” tends to reinforce the dysfunctional behavior — enabling, fantasy, ambivalence, confusion, guilt projection, double-bind messages, hostility and chronic negativity.

Indeed, despite the fact that Wuthering Heights was offered up to the public as a novel written by a man, critics met it with stern objection. Reviewers decried Wuthering Heights as unnatural. One reviewer could not imagine how anyone could have contemplated such a take without eventually committing suicide. Imagine what they would have thought if they had known that Ellis Bell was really a young woman.

A family session with the four children revealed their hurt. The son asked his Dad to play sports with him. The daughters wanted him to spend time with them too. They believed that they were not important to him. When Stan said they were, I reminded him that action speaks louder than words. The expression on his face showed me that he knew I was speaking the truth.

Things that Men Hate about Women

1) Don’t stick to agreements

Women generally don’t stick to the agreements they have made. They make alterations according to their convenience however grave the situation be.

2) Bottle Up their feelings

Conventionally, people believe that women tend to share their feelings. But the truth is on the contrary. Women do not disclose the way they feel unless they are coaxed to speak out what is playing in their minds.

3) Bossy women

Women often do not approve of the way men are. Though they understand them, but they try to mould them according to their own wishes. They try to influence them by being judgmental about everything. Either they change men according to their convenience, or abandon them completely.

4) Fault finding

When trying to find faults, women sometimes, though unintentionally, compare their existing partner with their ex. Such comparisons should be made in positive aspects, not in the negatives.

5) Belittling his hobbies

Every person has such likes that may not obtain a nod of approval by their partners. However, you shouldn’t ever stop them from being engaged in it. Also, you shouldn’t expect him to take interest in your pastime. If you do that, it is sure to make him feel that you think that your hobbies hold more importance than his. Such a thing must be avoided at all costs.

6) Gossiping and Nagging

You may think that gossiping about men may give a boost to their self-esteem, but the truth is, men hate any kind of gossip, whether it is positive or negative. It is one of the 10 important things that men hate about women. Women have a habit of nagging so that they can get things done by men. Even though the intentions may be good, but men simply hate this trait of women.

7) Talk more than listening

A man hates when he is interrupted while he is speaking. If you are always eager to talk rather than listen what a man wants to say, he might become upset. Thus, it is advisable to concentrate on what he wants to say rather than disrupting a conversation to say something irrelevant. Otherwise things are sure to get sour at that time.

8) Solution oriented vs. conversation oriented

Men tend to stay silent when thinking deeply about something and may not want to talk about the subject at that time. You should be patient and give him time to sort things in his mind.

9) Beauty conscious and paranoia

Men hate that a woman spends hours in front of the mirror in the hope that she will look different but always looks the same. Many women are so obsessed with looking their best and this is What men hate about women. They want them to realize that if he loves her truly, then he won’t give so much importance to her looks.

10) Insecure/jealousy

Men hate when a woman feels jealous of someone. If on a date, you see your guy’s eyes hover, and pass a comment on that, it is sure to piss him off big time.

Expense within a Relationship

I have been single for the majority of my entire life, but have been in a stable relationship within the past three years, and have noticed something fairly considerate, which I never even pondered before. What I have realised is, is that it’s much more expensive being single as opposed to be in a relationship.

Before I entered a relationship, I never would have thought this would have been the situation, but it is true in my experience. Previously, as I wasn’t in a relationship of my own, I would think about the relationships of the people around me, to see the money they spent on each other. The going out for meals together, the cinema, exchanging presents at times of celebration etc etc. This is the reason I use to believe it would be more pricey finding myself in a relationship, but this hasn’t been the outcome.

Firstly, when buying a house or renting, it’s obviously considerably more expensive doing it alone than with a partner, as by doing it on your own, you’re paying for 100% of everything, whereas when you go in with your partner, things could be 50/50. That is a massive potential saving.

When residing in an accommodation, you also have bills, which would include utility bills and council tax etc. Again, in the event you go it alone, you’re paying the complete amount yourself, but doing it along with your partner ends up with a 50/50 split.

Another expense is in auto insurance, as it’s known that single people generally have to pay more with regard to their motor insurance than those who declare that their in a relationship or married.

Another massive potential saving comes in the form of holidays, more specifically, the accommodation. With a partner, this will also be split 50/50 as virtually all hotels charge for rooms on per room basis, hence the cost is going to be split. And those who are single will miss out again, as not only will they be paying roughly around the same price for a single room as a double room, but the single room may also be considerably smaller in proportions also.

There is also the matter of meals, as it’s reported that men and women dine out more alone on average, maybe related to the unwillingness to eat alone, and the desire to socialise. On account of this, it’s reported that those who’re single spend more on food over the course of a year than people who find themselves in relationships.