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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Way to Stop Hurting after Girlfriend Cheated

1. A relationship requires the input of both parties, but before this step becomes effective, you need to be at peace with your own self. Accept that there were some problems in the relationship that led to this painful situation. Whatever they were, strive to put them behind you and move on. You should accept the fact that you were also responsible for the turn of events in some way. You should realize that it is how you act in the present that will determine the future.

2. Forgive and forget. If you think that forgiving just helps the person you are forgiving then you are wrong. When you forgive someone, you will feel as if quite a great load has been lifted off your shoulders. The peace you will get will greatly help in strengthening the relationship between you. In fact, it not possible to get complete healing and move forward before you forgive your partner for her mistake.

3. Accept the pain. If your girlfriend betrayal does not hurt you then you did not really love her – at least not enough to be affected. Have some time to grieve the hurt so that you can move ahead with no pent up emotions. No matter how long you take, you will not heal properly if you do not allow yourself to experience the pain of the betrayal and get it out of your system.

4. Do not spend your time doing nothing, which will give you a good opportunity to think about the painful experience. Instead, spend time thinking of ways that you should use to win back her affection. Find out what was wrong, so much so that she had to look for a solution out of the relationship. She would not have cheated if everything was perfect between you.

Second Chance Relationship Advice

If you go astray in a relationship, getting a second chance may be more challenging than you think. Getting a second chance after you have cheated is even trickier. However, there are some tips that will help you in influencing him to give you a second chance. Let us take a look at these important tips.

Be honest

Cheating is a great show of dishonesty. You should therefore counter it by being honest in your relationship. Tell him exactly how you feel as well as what you would like to happen.

Show your respect

When you want him to give you a second chance, you should not just tell him that you need him. Let him know that you truly respect him. Remember that doing this will not be a piece of cake.

Consider why you need to make things up with him. Make sure that you are genuine, or you will just erode his trust further. This is not the time to send any conflicting signals.

Show him how sorrowful you are

When your man discovers that you have cheated on him, it will be very devastating for him. Let him know that this situation is painful to you as well. You should not shy away from letting him see you cry over the pain you have brought. This works in two different ways.

First, he may feel like punishing you in some way, and seeing you suffer helps him to get this satisfaction without doing anything himself. On the other hand, love is not something that switches off in an instant. In fact, your affair will affect him a lot because he loves you. He will therefore instinctively reach out to shield you from pain, even if it is as a result of your cheating.

Watch against overdoing it, though, or it will be counterproductive. You should not try to take advantage of him.

Let him know that he is the only man in your life

Of course, you can obviously see that this is not going to be easy, since there has been another man. However, let the way you act show him that you are not looking anywhere else any more. You should not expect him to give you a second chance in your relationship when he believes that there is still someone behind the scenes. If you have been caught cheating, you must be ready to make some compromises to win back his lost trust. You need to be committed, as this will not happen overnight.

Tips for Lasting Love

Every relationship experiences its ups and downs. Just about everyone can use a helpful relationship tip or some sound relationship advice from time to time. Most of us realize the importance of keeping the fun and freshness alive in our relationships even though we almost all after a period of time get complacent or ignore its value in our love life.

Relationships and dating are two of the critical and sensitive life aspects which need to be discussed sometimes, even though the majority of the population believes they have gained command in giving tips on making healthy relationships by the time they are teenagers. But of course we all need to have an adequate platform to vent or get feedback when our relationship is going through a rough patch. Many times our friends aren’t the most objective people to talk with. Sites like are a great place to get quality objective input from professional relationship coaches and members of the opposite sex.

Every relationship demands some time to get stabilized and you need to understand that, especially when working on making a love relationship. It is important you realize to have effective communication with your partner whether you are married or not is a must. By effective communication I mean proper conversations between you and your spouse where it feels like you’re in an empty room, it is just the two of you listening attentively and not taking even one word for granted. Though this may seem like a small tip, it has the power to help save relationships.

Here are a few healthy tips for women to make their guys keep interested in them. Listen all you ladies, in order to sustain your love relationship, you need to avoid talking about three fatal topics which will turn off your partner: the first one to avoid discussing is money issues with him, like if you have been promoted and your salary is six figures, it would look pompous. Moreover asking about his earnings is a stupid move too. Do not talk about your ex relationships and specifically people you were in love with, it could create jealousy. Do not give away how eagerly you want to have a serious relationship; it might become stressful for him and make him feel like things aren’t moving ahead naturally which could make him feel like he’s being pushed even if he is looking for the same.

Now for some healthy advice for men when dealing with women: the first thing is listening her attentively. You need to become habitual in appreciating her cooking, the way she dresses up, even if she is bringing a cup of coffee for you. Compliment her sincerely at least three times every day. Everyone knows women love romance, but we sometimes avoid discussing this major aspect of killing most of the relationships. Romance, sex, dating and physical relations are the sensitive topics of any relationship. Whether you believe it or not, sometimes you need to have guidance on how to get started with a romantic date. You must write your lady love notes, love letters, love poems, share your dessert with her or hold hands with her in a restaurant. When you both feel good about each other and spend fun times, it would be a vigorous source to keep you unified forever.

Break Through the Communication Gap with Man

The first few dates are always the most special ones that no one can forget. It is amazing to feel butterflies in stomach when you find him staring at you. The feeling that everything is like a fairy tale engulfs the heart. Eyes speak so much that words seem to be unnecessary. The silence is eloquent like never before. The initial time spent with your loved one is a surreal experience. But alas, with time, everything changes. The period of romance seems to be over. Irritation dominates the conversation. Intimacy is replaced by aloofness. You begin to wonder whether your relationship was a mistake.

Such a situation is not uncommon. Almost all couples face it at some point of time. But it does not necessarily mean that he does not love you. Men are not very expressive in nature. They may not show their love the way a woman does. They may not speak out every thing that bothers them the way a woman can. His emotional desires and needs are quite different than those of women.

A woman should remember that if she tries to investigate the matter, she would make it worse. Your man will become aggressive and uncooperative. He may become distant and further detached from you. Fights may ensue leading to greater troubles, which may leave an indelible mark on your relationship.

But this should not dishearten you. It’s not the end of the relationship. There are people who have a firm belief that they can cross this barrier of hostility and win back their loved one again. You need to be one of them. You should have the will power to break through the communication gap and make him yours again.

If you are wondering how to go about it, then you are at the right place. Firstly, positive approach is required and keep in mind that both of you are important.

Secondly, a pleasant approach is required. You must know how to speak to your man. The style in which you talk to him is even more important than the content.

You need to understand his likes and dislikes better. You must involve him by bringing him in the subject of your conversation. Also, you should learn how he reacts to different things and situations. This will help you to know about his fears and weaknesses. Then you should take care to avoid such topics that he won’t be comfortable in. By doing these, you will be able to develop a deep understanding of the kind of a person he is. And you will know how you can talk to him without upsetting him.

A cautious and calculated approach is what you need to make your man pay attention to you. In this way he will be willing to talk to you and solve all the problems. But this will happen only when you remember that a guy won’t be taking the initiative to break the communication gap, it is you who has to do so. So talk it out and let the emotions flow like a river and drown in the intoxicating feeling of love once again.