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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Relationship Troubles

Usually relationships start out in the most romantic way and it can be very romantic. You feel as if your partner has been a part of your life forever and life without that partner seems unthinkable. And then things start to change. No longer are you looking forward to the end of the day, stressed out at the thought of having to ‘deal’ with the relationship. No longer does the laughter pull strings; no longer does the conversation seem stimulating. In short, something has fizzled out and you don’t understand what is going on. It is time to assess the relationship if it should continue to go on or not. Here are some things to look out for that may mean the end of a relationship.

A controlling partner is different from a dominant one. Dominant partners may come out strong because they feel that they can protect you best, but they would also be considerate of the feelings of their partners. A controlling partner is not a dominant; it is a bullish behaviour that kills the spark off a relationship.

Partners who are drama kings and queens. Nothing seems to happen without a bout of drama involved and it can be funny at first and then turn out to be frustrating and irritating in the end. An overly emotional partner can be a heavy burden especially if the emotions are used to control the other.

Selfishness in a person can cast an ugly spell on everything it touches. A selfish partner can control and use the emotions of the other to the point where their whole personality gets lost in the translation of the relationship. Selfish people do not love others, only themselves, so what makes you think that they love you ?

Selfish people can also prevent your relationship with others. These types of partners wish to control who your friends are and who you should talk to. If this is allowed to continue, not only will you lose your identity but it can lead to a loss of relationships with friends who had been there longer than that partner.

Because they are selfish and controlling, they are never wrong, that means if something does go wrong, guess who is at fault – you.

Being able to communicate with one another is an essential part in a relationship. Controlling partners will not allow for your opinions to be voices, neither will they allow for conversations to be between two people, it would be a one conversation with you listening and accepting and they informing you of what and how to think.

The worst possible thing is if that selfish and controlling partner is an addict. If this is the case, it is definitely time to take stock of your safety and get out of the relationship fast. That would not be considered running away; it would mean that you are an intelligent person who will want to save yourself.

There are usually signs that are blatant for everyone to see that a relationship is not working out. Check out the signs and see if you really love that person, or if that person is just a hard habit to break.e.

Effective and Efficient Relationships

Relationships of all kinds are often perceived as very delicate things that require extra effort to maintain. However, a relationship can also be something that can provide security and can also be long lasting despite many trials. Building effective and lasting relationships is a necessity for several reasons. For example in a group or organization, the well being of the people depends on how efficient and effective that group or organization works.

The group or organization is also dependent on how the members work well with the management.

An ineffective group or organization can really be very frustrating. An effective group or organization can also ask so much on their members, that sometimes the members would be having no life outside the walls of the area where they work or sacrifice the other aspects of their life just to meet deadlines. For an organization or group with this kind of scenario, relationships can be stressed or suffer from breakdown.

People or other entities that depend on these groups or organization also suffer.

Society is defined as a web of relationships, which requires all parties to work and contribute their share in order to achieve a common goal. Having a relationship that is good, where cooperation and respect are manifested, can make society work better. In this way each member works for the good of the whole and towards achieving a common goal. This can only be attained with effective and efficient relationships.

Understanding the other parties’ feeling and position creates an effective and efficient relationship. The easiest method to understand what is important to another party is to ask them what they want and listen to what they have to say. When the other party realizes this, they would feel the importance given to them

Effective and efficient relationships require parties to openly express their feelings and positions on all matters pertinent on the relationship. Assuming that the other party understands our needs and give us when we need it without asking for it is not a good practice.

Respect is the key to relationship. In order to create a more effective relationship, parties should treat each other with respect. We can show respect just by listening to the other party and by trying sincerely to understand how they function. You can also show respect to other parties by confirming that they are doing everything they can.

The opposite of respect is quick forming of judgments based on unfounded facts and prejudice.

Respect is the very foundation for a great relationship. This also means respecting yourself and respecting others.

Another key area in forming an effective relationship is to tackle differences of the other party directly. Differences between parties or people are quite interesting. For example in a conversation where each party listens to the other party, you may observe that each is having two different perspectives.

Work towards a win-win solution for both parties.

This can be done when at least one party acknowledges that the relationship is important. That party would then exert more time, effort and energy to understand the other party’s needs and deal with it to get it out of the way. Should they fail, it is comforting for that party to know that they tried.

Effectively listening and not pre-judging. This is important if parties are to understand each other.

Informal discussions are conducive for parties. They bring out issues and concerns comfortably. They also feel more relaxed making them think more clearly.

Developing an atmosphere where the other party can express their feelings when they need to.

When parties fail to express whatever is on their mind or their feelings, it can get in the way of building an effective relationship.

Parties should be aware that certain things exist naturally but should be controlled in any dealings in any relationship. Human nature is one. Some of these things found in a relationship also include a history of stereotyping or mistrust, blaming the other person or party for a strained relationship, excluding the other party’s feelings when focusing on a task, no clear and defined objectives, roles and expectations of each party in a relationship is also unclear.

Relationships are important to everyone and addressing issues and problems right away are a must to further improve relationships. As they say, “No man is an Island.

Way keeping good Relationship

First is Respect.

This holds true and important among all other features of relationships because respect plays the common ground to all people’s socialization in order to attain mutual recognition and treatment. Without respect, I doubt it if relationship can stand still against the test of time. So it’s better to remain respectful to others so that we could be treated by others in the same way and which it can make our life more meaningful.

Second is Commitment.

Commitment should be in everyone’s mind whatever happens because when we are committed to someone, even though if things would go in a sense of bewilderment, we cannot be easily shaken because we have the power to remain from what we have been committed to. Commitment is the result of constant nurture and love towards anybody else. It is the strong factor that keeps the relationship going. So we must be committed to someone or to something if we want to experience a deeper meaning with someone special or to something significant.

Third is Freedom.

Let must give our special someone freedom in spite of everything else happens. Letting the other person to have freedom to be themselves is a way of letting him grow inside and out. For freedom enables us to be of what we want us to be and what we want to happen in our lives.

Fourth is Trust.

This is one of the important components in having a relationship. Trust is an essential aspect for a person to be strong and it is the foundation of a healthy and a happy relationship. It creates the sure thing that you are secured from someone’s care and love because once trust is betrayed; things would never be the same again. It is very hard to build or to have a trust on someone but once it is being there, the ultimate feeling of security and affection are there. It keeps you sheltered and protected when times get rough.

Fifth is Being Fair.

To be equal with someone is the result of a balanced relationship. There must be no dominant because it could just create misunderstanding and emotional conflict in everyone’s life. Balance is considered as the fundamental aspect in almost all angles and feature in a circle of life.

Celebrate First Anniversary

The first celebrations of life are always special. The same goes true with your first marriage anniversary. No matter what happens in the future, this day will not return. This is a special day for your relationship. So, you need to celebrate it in a special way. These small things play a very crucial role in making a relationship work for long. Moreover, these are some of the occasions when women expect special treatment. So, it’s your responsibility to pamper your girl and make the day even more special for both of you.

Here are some of the tips that can help you make the day memorable. Have a look at them.

  • Anniversary party Parties and get-together are the best way to make the day memorable. The presence of your loved ones on the auspicious occasion can help you celebrate the day in the best way possible. You need not make it an extravagant affair. Just keep it simple and invite those who are really close to both of you. Have dinner together and cut your anniversary cake. Spice it up with candles, balloons and things of this sort.
  • Get away for the weekend Ditch your everyday routine and take a break from your normal work schedule. Arrange for an outing during weekend and spend some time together. This will even turn out to be a second honeymoon for both of you. In case, you have some engagements during the weekend, then, you can take her for an overnight outing. Book a resort or a hotel suite for a night and spend some quite time there. You can even go for a long drive or a bike ride.
  • Stay at home Sometimes going for the classic and traditional way is the ideal way of celebrating the day. Instead of planning for big things, stay back and enjoy every moment of it with your soul mate. You’ll get a lot of opportunity to be with your friends or to explore new places. However, taking out time from the hectic work schedule and spending some quite moment together is something that you can do this year. So, stay at home and share some quality time together. Bake an anniversary cake and cook your favorite cuisine together. Add a flare of romance into everyday life with a exotic styles of underneath article. You can get the ultra sexy men’s g-string. This is one of the most seducing style when it comes to underwear for men.
  • Exchange gifts Giving gifts is not just a tradition, but it is important as it will give you nostalgic moments later. So, choose a special present of the most special person in your life. The option available for ladies are ample. You must have understood her taste and preference by now. So, you can shop accordingly. Be innovative in your selection. You can go for things like personalized products or anything of this sort.